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Bariatric Surgery Diets

-Pre & Post Surgery Diet Instructions

It is important to remember that your pre-surgical diet may vary, depending on surgeon. 14 Days prior to surgery begin your full low-fat liquid diet. No alcoholic beverages for the 7 days prior to surgery. This diet will help you lose fat around your stomach and liver which will make your surgery and recovery easier. It will be in the form of a liquid shake that can be purchased from the doctor’s office. 


-Post-Operative Diet Instructions

WEEK 1: (1st 7 days after surgery): full liquid diet

WEEK 2: Continue the full liquids and you may start incorporating soft foods, such as oatmeal, eggs etc.

WEEK 3: Continue full liquid diet along with adding in more soft foods (proceed slowly to see what your body will allow)

WEEK 4: Continue with all above and slowly start adding in regular foods. Again, proceed slowly to see what your body will be able to handle.

Patients should remain on liquids is to keep the stomach from working too hard, and to decrease pressure on the band. 

WEEK 5 AND THEREAFTER - Regular Diet in moderation and focusing on eating healthier foods. (be aware that there will be some foods that might not be as easy to eat with the band, such as white breads and even steaks)

-Suggestions for Pre & Post Surgery Diet


  • Low-fat shake that can be purchased from the doctor’s office.


  Soft Food Examples

  • Cream of Wheat 
  • Oatmeal      
  • Tomato Soup
  • Scrambled Eggs 
  • Grits      
  • Mashed Potatoes 
  • Pureed foods
  • Casseroles      
  • Quiche
  • Non-fat pudding